Now Available on DVD: Films of Alice Anne Parker Severson

Posted July 12th, 2014 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New DVDs, News / Events

A DVD compilation of works by Alice Anne Parker (Severson) is available to purchase from Canyon Cinema!

Included films:

I Change I Am the Same (1969 | 1 min | B&W | Sound)

A short, hilarious film of a woman and a man in various stages of undress – in their own and each other’s clothing.

Riverbody (1970 | 7 minutes |B&W | Sound)

A continuous dissolve of 87 male and female nudes.

Near the Big Chakra (1970 |17 minutes | Color | Silent)

An unhurried view of 37 human female vaginas – ranging in age from three months to 56 years.

Introduction to Humanities (1972 | 5 minutes | B&W | Sound)

My first year Humanities class at the San Francisco Art Institute steps before the camera and introduces itself one by one. This film is an appropriate complement to NEAR THE BIG CHAKRA and should be shown immediately after.

Animals Running (1974 | 23 minutes | B&W | Sound)

A continuous stream of animals from bison to splinters of fishes.

Struggle of the Meat (1974 | 4 minutes | Color | Sound)

When I was editing my last film, ANIMALS RUNNING, a collection of images grouped themselves together but refused to be included in the film. I spliced them together and put them aside. At the same time I was experimenting with sound loops, inspired by John Lilly’s work with dolphin language. Briefly, he discovered that when exposed to a repeating loop in a relaxed atmosphere, a subject would begin to hear sounds or words other than those recorded. I made some loops and found that the phrase “the struggle of the meat” was a particularly evocative one.

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