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Now Available on 16mm: Bruce Baillie’s Little Girl!

Posted July 15th, 2014 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

Little Girl, Bruce Baillie

This new restoration of Bruce Baillie’s Little Girl by Academy Film Archives rings in the first edition of the film available to rent ever!

“This film by Bruce Baillie, completed in 1966 but unreleased until 2014, is contemporaneous¬†with Castro Street, but is much more formally connected to All My Life or Still Life, also from the same year. In three sections with three different formal strategies, Baillie shares distilled moments of found natural beauty as he encountered them in the North Bay outside San Francisco. The first section features a study of plum blossoms, rendered in rich, multiple superimpositions that allow the white flowers to explode into a blizzard of visual complexity, framed by a panning shot of purple mountains. In the second section, Baillie allows us a furtive glimpse of the titular little girl, waving to cars with her dog on the side of the road, lost in her world and thoughts. Bruce#s framing remains unadorned, feeling no need to add to or take away from a beautiful piece of simple portraiture. The third section, of waterbugs on the surface of a pond, remind us how remarkable and sensitive Baillie’s camerawork can be, as he observes their graceful dances, and the subtle light and water effects they produce by their movements.” – Mark Toscano

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