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Closing 2014 Salon: Nathaniel Dorsky on Stan Brakhage

Posted January 6th, 2015 in Canyon Cinema Salon, Events and Screenings, News / Events

Nathaniel Dorsky at New Nothing Cinema (photo by Mark Wilson)

A full house filled the small hand made theater at New Nothing Cinema to enjoy an evening of discussion surrounding the topic of form and meaning in union, using Visions of Meditation Parts two and three as a bases. ┬áDenah Johnston of Canyon Cinema introduced the program and Antonella Bonfanti ran the projectors. There was such a nice feeling at the event. The admission was free, the films were donated by Canyon Cinema and Marilyn Brakhage, and I gladly researched and presented background information concerning Gertrude Stein and her affect on John Ashbury’s Tennis Court Oath and Stan’s Anticipation of the Night. P. Adams Sitney was very helpful to me on the phone, but in the end suggested that I follow my own instincts and interests, which I did. I feel that we had an evening of meaningful and subtle communication… what a joy, indeed.

-Nathaniel Dorsky