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Now Available – Brand New Work by Lawrence Jordan

Posted December 4th, 2015 in New Acquisitions, News / Events

Lawrence Jordan’s new film The Apoplectic Walrus is now available for rent and purchase at Canyon Cinema! ┬áThe film pays homage to some of Jordan’s influences in surrealism, collage, and cinema.


The Apoplectic Walrus (Lawrence Jordan |2015 |17 minutes |COLOR/B&W |SILENT)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps / DVD
Sale Format(s): DVD

Joanna wanted a film on the collages of Max Ernst, and I wanted to make a tribute to the two men who most influenced my film work at the beginning: Max Ernst (collage) and Luis Bunuel (surrealism in cinema).

I had written a book of about 100 pages in the surrealist tradition of ‘automatic writing’, which I called the CLOUD JOURNAL. I thought I could marry some of the text of the journal with the collages of Ernst’s UNE SEMAINE DE BONTE, along with bits of my own animation.

So I shot the film on day one of the Ernst collage novel (example: lion), and used the first 16 pages of my journal.

I enlisted my friend and collaborator, Leroy Clark, to narrate and engineer the sound. We finished up digitally, then on 16mm film (the original format).

I have nothing esoteric to say about this film, except to explain the title: it is a tribute to Luis Bunuel. There is no walrus in the film, as there is no dog in LE CHIEN ANDALOU.

For more information on renting this title, click here.