New films: Breathing (35mm) and What Goes Up…

Posted February 10th, 2019 in New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

Trust us: watching Robert Breer’s Breathing in 35mm is a breathtaking experience. Forty years separate the film from What Goes Up…, his last work–and one of his most touching. Book them both from Canyon.


What Goes Up… (2003 | 5.5 minutes | COLOR | SOUND)

“Robert Breer’s final film represents his characteristic dynamic collage sensibility at a degree of such refinement, and with such distilled emotional resonance, that it should genuinely be considered among his major works. The economy of the film is exhilarating, and its nuanced observations of the complex energy of life and family marked by the wistful awareness of mortality are deeply affecting, and touched by an affectionate, crooked-grinned humor.” (Mark Toscano)


Breathing (1963 | 5 minutes | B&W | SOUND)

“Breer’s unpredictable lines flow forth naturally with an assurance and a serenity which are the signs of an astonishing felicity of expression.” – A. Labarthe, Cahiers du Cinema