So Sure of Nowhere Buying Times to Come

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I understood that there must have been.

And then the two folds of this world.
Toward us marking time in time.

A gaping hole:
the yes suspended in the amniotic sac:
the end.

That there must have been.
That there might have been.

- Jorie Graham, from The Errancy

A tiny shop in small snow covered town. Glazed window panes. Pocket watch, postal scale, miniature mirror. Stop watch, open knife, dated bandages, hour glass. Time is short. Time is running out. The time left is all the time we have.

"Time is the subject of David Gatten's terrific new film, commissioned by Mark McElhatten for a shop window themed program of experimental shorts in honor of filmmaker Mark LaPore. SO SURE OF NOWHERE BUYING TIMES TO COME begins with a stone monument onto which is superimposed a quote from Thomas Browne's Hydriotaphia, Urn Burial, or a Discourse of the Sepulchral Urns lately found in Norfolk that notes, essentially, how whatever objects we are aware of, there have existed infinitely more in the past, and that whatever we see in the light there exists much more in the darkness. From this quote what follows is a visual record and appreciation of "The Red Shop," a small store in Colorado that appears to sell antiques-old stamps, knives, watches, and similar objects. We see a limited set of goods held in praise for their past-ness, and in their individual-ness, and their positioning as unique and historical significants, we can see the limitation which Browne speaks of. Suddenly not just all antiques but indeed all items in a shop window, all items of commerce, all items shown as having meaning and value open up behind them an unbearably large and dark void of all things these objects are not, that they fail to speak to, and that we'll never know. - Daniel Kasman, MUBI

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