Now Available: Seven Exhibition Files from Bill Basquin

Posted October 30th, 2020 in Announcements, New Acquisitions, New Films, News / Events

Canyon Cinema is pleased to announce the acquisition of seven experimental documentaries by San Francisco filmmaker Bill Basquin. The titles, spanning 2007 to 2018, are now available for rent as digital files.

Wolf Release (2018, 10 min, color, sound)

John Oakleaf, Field Coordinator for the Mexican Wolf Repopulation Project, talks about the challenges of and strategies for introducing captive-born wolves to the wild. Wolf Release is a free-standing video; the material in it is related to Basquin’s new feature-length experimental documentary, From Inside of Here (2020). Motion-sensor images: Mexican Wolf Inter-Agency Field Team.

Late December, East of the Sierras (2015, 21 min, color, silent)

This film is an in-camera edit that I shot over the course of two sunrises and a sunset. Late December, East of the Sierras was presented at the LAB in San Francisco in a program organized by John Davis with a live score by Danny Grody. Live sound composition/score is encouraged.

Gwynn Tank (2015, 4 min, color, sound)

The optic qualities of water and lens form the sensory experience of this video. Made with a GoPro camera suspended upside down from a monopod, this video gets the viewer into places where they couldn’t normally be and engages with the visceral potential of both water and lens. An in-camera edit.

Around (2013, 5 min, color, silent)

The film consists of three 360-degree landscape shots; I used a tripod for the first two shots – the third shot is handheld. The whole of the film functions to invite the viewer into an embodied visual experience.

Benson City, July 2011 (2011, 4 min, color, sound)

This video seeks to transmit a sense of place through sound.

Madison, October 2010 (2011, 3 min, color, silent)

This film uses the form of a single cartridge of super-8mm film (2 minutes and 45 seconds) to describe a particular place at a specific time of year.

Frank (2007, 2 min, b&w, sound)

Frank Murn emigrated from Slovenia and plays the Button Box accordion.