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Amy Halpern

Amy Halpern is a New York filmmaker, living & working in Los Angeles.

Since childhood, composing with movement and light, and making 16mm abstract films since 1972.

Co-Founder of 2 film screening organizations:

- The Collective for Living Cinema, N.Y.C. 1973 - 1990 (?)
- The L.A. Independent Film Oasis, Los Angeles, 1975-1980

Work in the film business in camera & lighting (I.A.T.S.E. 728).

Taught film for many years, most recently 7 years at U.S.C, also at California State University L.A., Cal. State Northridge, Otis-Parsons Art Institute and a second grade class in L.A. Unified School District.

She has collaborations (lights, camera, person) with Charles Burnett's MY BROTHER'S WEDDING, Pat O'Neill's THE DECAY OF FICTION, Julie Dash's ILLUSIONS and David Lebrun's BREAKING THE MAYA CODE and DANCE OF THE MAIZE GOD. She also appears in several of Chick Strand's films, SOFT FICTION, KRYSTALNACHT, CARTOON LE MOOSE & FEVER DREAM.

Born and raised in New York City, Halpern studied & performed in modern dance with Anna Sokolow & Lynda Gudde, worked in the early 1970s in 3-D shadow-play with Ken Jacobs' New York Apparition Theatre and co-founded New York's Collective For Living Cinema with 3 other guys.


ASSORTED MORSELS, a suite of short films (2012, 1 hour)
- INJURY ON A THEME (7 minutes, sound, color)
- POURING GRAIN (2 ½ minutes, silent, color)
- BY HALVES (7 minutes, color, silent)
- PALM DOWN (6 minutes, color, silent)
- CHESHIRE SMILE (5 minutes, sound, color) with Adnan Ibrahim
- ACCESS TO THE VIEW (2 minutes, sound, color) with Yogi John Franzoni - 3-MINUTE HELLS (14 minutes, sound, color) with Arwa Ibrahim
- ELIXIR (7 minutes, silent, color) with Asha Wilson & Joyce Campbell

DOUBLE-BOTTOMED MAYA BOWL (2012, 2 minutes, color, sound, digital ) For Dumbarton Oaks, Night Fire Films

FALLING LESSONS (1992, 64 minutes, sound, color) mix by Richard Portman

READY-MADE (1985, 3 minutes, silent, color, animation)

INVOCATION (1982, 2 minutes, silent, color)

PYTHONESS (1979, 2 minutes, silent, b & w) with Siri Dharma Gagliano

CIGARETTE BURN (1978, 7 ½ minutes, sound, b & w) with Nancy Halpern & Yves Marton

SELF-PORTRAIT AS A CITY (1977, 5 minutes, silent, color) camera operator in N.Y. Larry Gottheim

FILAMENT (THE HANDS) (1975, 6 minutes, silent, b & w) with Mikis Theodorakis

A GLANCE (1972, 1 minute, silent, color)

PEACH LANDSCAPE (1973, 5 minutes, silent)

THREE PREPARATIONS (1972, 6 minutes, silent)
- Drops
- Statice / Frameline
- Cannonball Section

ROLL #1 FOR NANCY (1972, 3 minutes, silent)

[All films are 16 mm.]