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New Digitization: Christopher Harris’s 28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark)

Posted March 10th, 2022 in New Acquisitions, New Digital Files, News / Events

Now available from Canyon Cinema: A new digitization of Christopher Harris’s film, 28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark).

As Michael Sicinski writes in Cinema Scope Magazine, 28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark) “display[s] a concern with textures of light as well as the capacity of the human imagination to will celestial entities out of the relatively impoverished materials at hand… a lovely miniature edited in-camera, in which Harris manipulates light around a child’s mobile so that a hanging nightlight with plastic silver stars becomes a glinting ersatz sky.”

28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark) (2009, 3 minutes, color, silent, 16mm or digital file)

“Approximates a small child’s fantasy world in the dark. In a series of close-ups, the nightlight is transformed into a meditative star-spangled sky. An improvisation, edited inside the camera and shot on a single reel. The stars swirl in silence.” (IFFR)