Diagram Film

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Live-action and still images of objects, places, classic films and other situations are presented and then followed by animated diagrams that explain, transform or re-interpret what has just been seen. The animated sequences become a vehicle of entry into an alternate viewing space. This is the first part of a trilogy of Diagrammatic films: DIAGRAM FILM, FIVE IMPROVISATIONS and FILM-WIPE-FILM.

"DIAGRAM FILM alternates shots of planes, cars and people walking with comically elaborate moving diagrams of them. And sometimes it reverses itself, as when a group of triangles is replaced by a shot of tepees. The diagrams head off into fantastic Rube Goldberg machine movements, with details undergoing constant transformation."
- American Film

"The transformation of the original imagery is one of destruction and reconstruction, at once abstract and ethereal."
- Filmmakers' Monthly

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Athens Int'l Film Festival; Baltimore Film Festival; Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Big Muddy Film Festival; Kent Film Festival; SF Art Institute Film Festival.

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