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The film is a journal (drawn by hand over a period of four years), opera, and journey through 100 animated sequences which are joined and transformed by 100 film wipes in continuous successsion. The film is a synthesis of both abstract and figurative imagery, analysis and commentary, writing and multiple languages, multi-layered sounds and music, lyrical and contrapuntal relationships, and elaborate animated compositions. The film plays with the thresholds of change between intuition and analytical thinking, as well as between what is read or heard as "figurative" or "abstract." The various animation sequences range from pure geometric abstraction to symbols, metaphors and icons (boxing ring, car, chair, airplanes, steps).

This film is not computer generated or assisted in any way.

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Black Maria Film and Video Festival; Chicago Int'l Film Festival (Hugo); Baltimore Int'l Film Festival; NY Filmmakers' Exposition; Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Festival of Experimental Film, Chicago; Santa Fe Film Exposition; SF Art Institute Film Festival.

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