Five Improvisations

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The diagrammatic space first entered in DIAGRAM FILM becomes the stage for temporal, rhythmic, informational and spatial play with a single diagram (a 144-drawing cycle) that refers to the film and animation process, animation history, specific filmmakers and other encoded data. The arrangement of the drawings for each of the five sequences was improvised on the animation during the act of shooting, creating five variations and possible readings of the animated composition. "The film does not only diagram the film frame, it fills it with movement and ultimately explodes it. Homages to Windsor McCay and Georges Melies are justified by the film's humor and dynamism."
- Chicago Reader

"The consequences of these incredible shifts is to engulf us in a powerful referential package of filmic elements. Glabicki - in this, his best film to date - has fashioned a fast, delirious, scintillating and playful homage to his predecessors."
- Film Festival Review

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; NY Filmmakers' Exposition; Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Purdue Film Festival; Kent Film Festival.

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