Clothed In Muscle- A Dance of the Body

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This is the most complete evocation of my raison d'etre - at least my avowed raison d'etre as a filmmaker. I woke this morning with a bright idea of explaining this another way, which is that George Sand enjoyed carrying Chopin piggy-back and so did Dylan Thomas' girlfriend like to transport him piggy-back in private Welsh pastures. In other words Nature loves variety more than we do and that vaguely is what this film is about. The men in it are far from frail so it's not a complete illustration that a man can be frail but masculine while a woman can be feminine and alluring - though maybe George Sand wasn't entirely the latter - but at any rate a woman can be all that though powerful. The star of the film is Claudia Wilbourn who you may have seen on TV. She is one of the founding mothers and champions of Women's Body Building. She is a sculptor and writer and felt as I did that the effect of body building when filmed nude as I did makes it look in frequent sections like antique Greek sculpture. The effect of filming a body building performance repetitively is to create a dance of the body.

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