Muscles & Flowers

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Director: Walter Gutman; Producer: Hawk Serpent Productions, Ltd.

MUSCLES AND FLOWERS is a unique film because it approaches the mystery of WOMAN - and contrasts this with the mystery of MAN - by means of the strange vision of a very feminine woman who is also very strong physically. To Walter Gutman, a woman who has the muscular capability of a man is more feminine - is more the ultimate female - when this strength is used to express the tenderness of a woman. She does something else with what is natural to a man and this adds to her mystery.

An audio-visual film, of which 90 minutes are audio and 45 minutes are visual.

Since the visual elements of MUSCLES AND FLOWERS total only half the length of the audio, there are four periods during which the audience sits in the dark, one quite brief, two about ten minutes each and one almost a half hour. There have been other films which compelled the audience to listen rather than look - but MUSCLES AND FLOWERS is probably unique both in the relative length of the audio element and its natural integration with and support of the visual.

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