Woman When Sacred, The

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"THE WOMAN WHEN SACRED is Gutman's ultimate statement regarding womanhood. Actress Jessie Holladay Loft (formerly Duane) is pictured nine months pregnant in naked repose. Gutman's cinematography reveals the glowing light of new life lodged in her belly. It is an amazing several minutes of cinema where loving is touching the living giving.

"Jessie is also the 'actress' in BOLEX (1974) whom Gutman introduces to the audience in that film. She went on to 'star' in The March on Paris 1914 of General Oberst Alexander Von Kluck and His Memory of Jessie Holladay (1976), THE EROTIC SIGNAL (1978), SAPPHO (1979), as well as hundreds of camera rolls and still photographs which Walter took of her from the time of BOLEX onward until 1981-1982. I have never personally met her - almost once - but as you can see in these films, she is extremely beautiful - and, as Vincent Canby once noted, stands out from the usual Gutman women for her 'petite-ness.' I think Walter loved her the most as the ideal woman, but who's to know." - Bruce Posner

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