El Dia Tarasco

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In the center of Mexico, in the center of Lake Patzcuaro, lies the island of Janitzio. For centuries the stronghold of Tarascan Indian culture, its inaccessibility has served well to protect their cherished traditions. Here, in the fall of 1981, came Bob Freimark, professor of Art and Chicano Studies at San Jose State, and Warren Haack, filmmaker, to capture the spirit and meaning of Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - before its significance is diminished by oncoming tourism and so-called progress.

This 27-minute color film focuses on the making of folk art for ofrendas, the preparation of grave sites, as well as the history of the "Day of the Dead." It is a perfect teaching aid to stimulate interest and is well-researched concerning the many aspects of this important holiday and tradition.

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