Selective Service System

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Since 1956, the United States had been involved in a ground war in Asia. The American commitment had led to an ever increasing involvement in that area of the world - despite growing dissatisfaction here at home. To implement this country's mobilization, the draft system had been stepped up. This system made virtually no exemptions for those who felt this war was immoral and unjust. These young men either had to serve in a war in which they did not believe, or face the bleak alternatives to service. Some chose prison. Some sought refuge in other countries. This film documents another alternative. There was no attempt to alter the proceedings that took place.

Awards: First Prize, Documentary, Fifth National Student Film Festival, NY, 1970; Premiere at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; First Prize, Documentary, Foothill Film Festival, 1970; First Prize, Documentary, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1971.

In permanent collection of Pickford Collection, Academy Film Archive - Los Angeles

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