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A film of audiences in London, England at the Filmmakers' Co-op; San Francisco at the Roxie Theater during Gay Pride Week; Toronto, Canada at The Funnel; and Montreal, Canada at McGill University.

I wanted everyone to speak for herself. I wanted to show the diversity in a womens audience, the sophistication, the thoughtfulness, the fun-loving spirit, the flirtations, the detailed, the subtle.

I wanted my audience to make their own film.

In a time of national borders and increasing geographic chauvinism, I found images of women transcending boundaries and cultures and at the same time acting as spokespeople for cultural difference.

"Cheers to festival entrant Barbara Hammer, whose newest film looks at reactions to her own work - fresh and unrehearsed - among women in four different cities. ... Were AUDIENCE given the context of a Hammer retrospective, I'm sure it might have taken on a new shape and even greater interest."
- Edward Guthmann, The Advocate

Preservation print of Audience made in 2018 available from Canyon Cinema.
Exhibitors of this print must include the following preservation credit:
This film was preserved by Electronic Arts Intermix and the Academy Film Archive through the National Film Preservation Foundation's Avant-Garde Masters Grant program and The Film Foundation. Funding provided by the George Lucas Family Foundation.

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