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Score by Helen Thorington.

"It is against the background of these debates (the demise of avant-garde film) that Barbara Hammer made ENDANGERED, a reflection on the threatened tradition of filmmaking and the independent filmmaker. Hammer's formal invention and manipulation of film through post-production effects created by optical printing become the means for developing new filmic metaphors. ENDANGERED is a compelling expression of the unique power of celluloid and the filmmaking process. Hammer does not hide behind the process of filmmaking - in ENDANGERED we see her making the film. In her hands, the transformation of film into a poetic and avant-garde art form comes about through the direct manipulation of celluloid."
- John Hanhardt, 1989 Whitney Museum Exhibition Catalogue

Awards: First Prize, Bucks County Film Festival; "Homage to Magellan" Award, Humboldt Film Festival; Cash Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival; Gold Prize, Onion City Film Festival; Second Prize, Athens Int'l Film Festival; Black Maria Film and Video Festival; Santa Fe Film Expo; Third Int'l Women's Film Festival, Seattle; Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art.

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