Beach Events

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This film completes a trilogy of landscape/poetry films, which include WATERWORX (1982), and was shot near the family home on the Northumberland Strait in Prince Edward Island, like LANDFALL.

In writing the text for BEACH EVENTS, I wanted to challenge the cinema's dominant present tense, by imitating primitive "event" poetry, referring superficially to action present on the screen, but which gradually slips out of synchronization with its referent. This practice, together with reading a kind of sub-conscious, internal monologue also based on the film's events, but only those past and future, helps the viewer transcend the spectacle of the present, and be aware of a larger temporal universe. In this film it informs a dialectic of internal and external nature, temporal presence and absence, the conscious and sub-conscious. "A work in which all parts functioned equally to create a filmic-poetic form, in which each element was subsumed into a larger, organic unity." - Scott MacDonald, Afterimage

Award: First Prize, Experimental Film Coalition Festival, Chicago, 1986

Exhibition: Sixth Conference of the Int'l Society for the Study of Time, England, 1986

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