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LANDFALL was shot on Prince Edward Island, near the family home on the Northumberland Strait. The original footage, shot in 1974, was a kind of interactive camera "dance" with the environment. Poetry became important when the footage was later superimposed onto its own mirror-image, to help direct the viewer away from the luring yet limited world of image-identification/orientation. "I Thought There Were Limits," by Quebec poet D.G. Jones, was used to encourage the viewer to reject Newtonian notions of space and time, and to conceptualize the film's interplay between absence, desire, and presence. Eventually, the limitation of text as spoken signifier is exposed through dynamic visual techniques reminiscent of concrete poetry.

"'Sense' in Hancox's poetical exploration, becomes non-sense. We can only know through repetition, in an enigmatic flash, the presence of the unconscious through absence." - Dot Tuer, Vanguard

"Typography and graphics become significant considerations, not to mention the timing and method of making the words appear and disappear. ... LANDFALL offers an excellent reading of the poem, which is, in turn, well integrated with the film's visuals." - William Wees, Words and Moving Images

Exhibition: Runner Up, Eighth SF Poetry Film Festival; Film Studies Association of Canada Conference, 1983; PBS TV's THE FRONTIER, Buffalo, 1984

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