Moose Jaw

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A multileveled, poetic excavation of political history, personal memory and the prehistoric, MOOSE JAW exposes the complicity of the filmmaker in an ironically humorous and disturbing view of his hometown, with its motto - "There's a Future in our Past" - as a faded symbol of Empire and "storm center" in the crash of technological nationalism.

"A daring reversal of documentary filmmaking into a personal and deeply existential journey

.... Everything here has its final destiny as a museum specimen - even the filmmaker is not safe from the virus of museumization." - Arthur Kroker, The Possessed Individual

"... one of the most eagerly awaited and critically discussed Canadian experimental films of recent years. ... Mixing experimental and documentary technniques, offering a variety of texts and points of view, Hancox's MOOSE JAW emerges as a poetic, reflective, surrealist-tinged portrait of our mythic past - and museumized future." - Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver

Award: Special Citation for Excellence, Festival of Festivals, Toronto

Exhibition: Sydney Film Festival, Australia; Eighth Conference of the Int'l Society for the Study of Time, France.

Collection: National Gallery of Canada

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