Waterworx (A Clear Day and No Memories)

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The waterworks in the "Beaches" area of Toronto is the source of an eidetic image from early childhood. It was always an enigma to me, and after returning years later to shoot this film, I was still not satisfied that it was merely a filtration plant. Its architecture functioned more significantly as some kind of temporal metaphor.

Wallace Stevens' ironic and equally enigmatic poem, "A Clear Day and No Memories," was sought out to address this phenomenon, and to appear as an interruptive graphic for the same reason the editing is interruptive - that is, to both work with the alluring nature of the image, and force an intellectual distancing.

"What I find most impressive about WATERWORX is Hancox's ability to fuse Stevens' poem and his own imagery and sound, not only without doing damage to the poem, but so that the film provides an effective reading of it. ... The clear, empty vistas of the film (empty of action, of people) reflect those of the poem, and yet both are haunted by the presence of the poetic mind in its process of forming what we are experiencing." - Scott MacDonald, Afterimage

Awards: First Prize, Eighth SF Poetry Film Festival; Winner, Canadian Independent Short Film Showcase, Academy of Canadian Cinema.

Shown on TV: Ontario's New Directions, 1986

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