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Winner of the main prize of the Oberhausen (Germany) International Film Festival, BILLABONG has gone on to even greater acclaim than its much-awarded predecessor. Now in collections and archives on three continents, BILLABONG ... mates verit? camera and violently creative and master editing ... revealing the mood of youths contained by the government. On location in Oregon. Empathetic in the extreme.

"Hindle's works are especially notable for their ability to generate overwhelming emotional impact almost exclusively from cinematic technique, not thematic content. Hindle has an uncanny talent for transforming spontaneous unstylized reality into unearthly poetic visions; as in BILLABONG, a wordless impresionistic 'documentary' about a boys' camp, and WATERSMITH, a spectacular visual fantasy created from footage of an Olympic swimming team at practice. FIREDRILL contains possibly one of the great scenes in the history of film." - Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema

Premiere: Robert Flaherty Film Seminar

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