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Perhaps Hindle's magnum opus to date. New York Times critic Vincent Canby calls WATERSMITH "beautiful abstract patterns of lines of energy. A kind of ode to physical grace." A deceptively "calm" film requiring an equally calm audience and a superior soundtrack reproduction system, WATERSMITH weaves its lone visual threads closer and closer until the screen is awash with multiple levels of artistic achievement, technical supremacy, physical and mental demands and rewards ... for the relaxed and receptive viewer. Not a flash and funk work. A film to be seen again and again.

"WATERSMITH is a mind movie. Hindle turns his film into a celebration of the freedom of bodies moving through water, the implacable grace of human forms freed from gravity. It ripples between reality and abstraction. There hasn't been a movie quite like this since Leni Riefenstahl's OLYMPIA." - Entertainment World

Awards: First Prize, American Film Festival, NY; Canadian National Film Festival, Montreal.

Invitational tributes: Cannes Film Festival; Int'l Moscow Film Festival.

Exhibition: Premiere, Chicago Museum of Modern Art

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