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The film consists of collected, diaristic images amassed through Hoffman's travels. Uluru and an incomplete parliament house, for example, making floating appearances. These have been gathered on the run, and then reconstituted with an uncanny ephemeral floating rhythm, a dance of light, and replaying, with commendable control, the idea of visual music, visual jazz. Though the method of collection may have had an air of arbitrariness about it, the meticulous construction and focus on rhythm in the finished piece suggest an artist who has learnt to master technique so as to let it speak for him about 'other' things." - Dirk de Bruyn

Award: Award for Experimental Film, Athens Film Festival, 1997

Exhibition: Melbourne Film Festival, 1996; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Sydney Film Festival; Helsinki Film Festival; Pleasure Dome, Toronto; Millennium, NY.

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