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"Iimura, who is Japan's most important filmmaker, was involved in the New American Cinema developments in the early sixties. His work has continued to open up new ground in a way which few of his contemporaries from that period managed to sustain."
- Malcolm LeGrice, Time Out

"The achievements of Iimura's recent films, particularly when combined with his many videotapes (themselves an interesting topic for extended discussion) and his numerous film and video installation pieces, make him one of the most interesting and prolific artists around. Like Carl Andre and Richard Serra in sculpture, Emmett Williams and Richard Kostelanetz in poetry, and Frank Stella and Josef Albers in painting, Iimura is able to refresh our ability to perceive and understand all film by reducing the variables vying for our attention so fully that we can concentrate completely on crucial elements of the film experience we often ignore." - Scott MacDonald, Afterimage

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