Still Life with Barbie

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STILL LIFE WITH BARBIE is a satirical look at the nature of myth - the coding of myth through the ritual of doll-playing and the inherent conflict when childhood myth meets adult reality. The film employs pixilation of Barbie dolls intercut with live action of similarly coded actors and a nine-year-old girl who manipulates their activities. While semi-experimental in form, BARBIE uses traditional narrative devices to move the viewer among the three planes of activity. The content addresses the plastic-world values of Barbie and friends while, simultaneously, it serves as a personal commentary on my life - "my parents call me Barbie."

The inspiration for BARBIE came from a concern about the types of toys, music and myths that would influence the rearing of my two young children. It also came from watching too much "Monty Python" and "Sesame Street"! Suitable for teenage, women's studies, feminist and art audiences.

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