Trumpet Garden

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An environmental portrait. A woman in black explores the rituals of nature, life and death in a fertile garden filled with aural and visual textures The film, inspired by Maya Deren, employs juxtaposition of image and sound based on similar textures rather than on temporal logic, creating the feel of an environment that is misaligned and surreal. In retrospect, TRUMPET GARDEN is an emotional diary of my pregnancy. Like gestation, it can be divided into three parts: The first part explores the mystery of the garden, the second the joys of the garden and the third the fear of death and the paranoia of the unknown Suitable for women's groups and art audiences Exhibition: SF State University Film Finals, 1983; Mill Valley Film Festival, 1983; Frontal Exposure, KQED-TV, SF, 1983; Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1984; Videoville, WNYC-TV, NY, 1984; SF Cinematheque, 1985

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