Idea, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Set in 1912, this surreal experimental narrative is told with stunning visual effects and no dialogue. THE IDEA is a visual fable that can be viewed at three levels. A visual level encompasses diffused and sepia-toned film shot at 10fps and step-printed back to normal speed. THE IDEA contains rotoscoped, bi-packed mattes of lumia and other color images. A simple narrative level tells the story of a luminous egg with magical properties that is exploited by those that come into contact with it. A metaphorical level includes the basic symbol of the egg representing an idea and other symbols representing purity, sterility, unfulfilled emptiness and strength.

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle; Silver Apple, National Educational Film Festival.

Exhibition: Athens Int'l Film Festival; Charlotte Film and Video Festival; Cinequest Film Festival; Film Arts Festival; Louisville Film Festival; Odense Film Festival; Oakland Museum.

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