Landscape and Desire

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

The film was initially shot in Super 8, between July and September, on a Greyhound bus trip from New York to Los Angeles. The project began as a film of a Samuel Beckett short story, "The Lost Ones," which describes a society of people who live in shallow dirt cylinders. For my part, "I get on a local bus, which is supposedly going to Pittsburgh, although it has San Francisco marked as its destination. Massive traffic jam at the tunnel, because of a propane truck wreck on the bridge. So far there is no air conditioning; 110 degrees in the terminal, and it must be at least that on the bus."

"Lush, mordantly nostalgic, LANDSCAPE AND DESIRE is Kobland's best realized work to date." - J. Hoberman

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16mm film $220.00  

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