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Starring Larry Fine, Abbie Herrick, Evan McHale, Mark Lyon, and Annie Sharkiss.

A funny, bitter look at middle-class youth trying to be tough in the trappings of pornography, drugs and quick money. A film about desperation in the New York streets.

"In its stream-of-consciousness way, Blood (1975) evokes Manhattan street life even more powerfully than Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. Ms. Krasilovsky brings into camera an array of furtive, frustrated people - e.g., hookers and juvenile delinquents - and allows them to talk about themselves as we watch them in action. As a depiction of contemporary urban despair, Blood, more specifically, is an angry, outraged protest of the exploitation of women by men. Indeed, this 21-minute film is punctuated by shots of the covers of lurid paperbacks featuring bondage and framed by an embittered theme song, 'Women in Chains.'"
- Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

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