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"EXILE portrays the filmmaker's own compelling journey behind the Iron Curtain to retrace her origins. Beautiful scenery and often haunting music accompanied her sojourn from Czechoslovakia into Prague and Austria where the film captures what it meant to be Jewish and survive during those dark Hitler years."
- Josh Baran

- Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"Such films do more than increase East-West understanding and reduce tensions; they also serve to emphasize that we are all essentially one people."
- Barbra Streisand

"Watching it, we can realize how at times we have felt both blessed and cursed by the fate that caused our parents and grandparents to leave their homelands and settle in America, the fate which enables most of us to be alive today."
- The Jewish Journal

Categories of interest: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Dachua, Holocaust, Jewish assimilation, Jewish cinema, Judaica.

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