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Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

"A perfect tone poem of a film - within its short time limit, it contains much of the beauty of night and the sensuality of women ... perhaps even 'THE' woman one sometimes sees dancing in the night, but never touches in the flesh. Dreamlike, beautiful - its brevity compacts its power and renders it haunting." - William R. Trotter

"GEORGIA is a good example of a new genre of film that has been developing lately, that is, a portrait film. In some cases, like those of Brakhage, Warhol or Markopoulos, there is an attempt at an objective portrait of a man or woman; in other cases, like in the case of GEORGIA, the portrait becomes completely personalized, poetically transposed; it may not be as multi-faceted as, say, Brakhage's portrait of McClure, but an inspired portrait nevertheless, in the vein of a single-minded lyrical love poem." - Jonas Mekas

Note: Project at silent speed

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16mm film, 18 fps $35.00  

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