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8/64 Ana [Aktion: Gunter Brus]

  • Kurt Kren |
  • 1964 |
  • 3 minutes |
  • B&W |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"8/64: ANA is Kren's first film of an 'action' by Gunter Brus. This three-minute film was far more akin to the American-style 'happening' in that the content was not particularly extreme. It was built up from items such as broken bicycle parts, a nude model, pieces of furniture, and these elements were then obscured or transformed by having a layer of paint thrown on them.

"Kren films short sequences from many different angles, using high-contrast black and white film to create an effect not unlike that of a painting by Robert Kline." - Stephen Dwoskin, Film Is

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