31/75: Asyl

  • Kurt Kren |
  • 1975 |
  • 9 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"Between 1975 and the present, Kren has continued working in a formalist vein, all the while incorporating elements of his older systems and themes." - Regina Cornwell, The Other Side: European Avant-Garde Cinema 1960-1980.

"The camera with a sun shade is mounted on a heavy camera mount in front of a window. During 21 consecutive days the view outside is being filmed from this standpoint. The same three rolls of film (totaling 90 m) are used one after the other each day, while the mask in front of the camera objective is also changed every day. Each of the 21 masks made of black cardboard has four or five rectangular small openings. All these openings together would clear the full view. On each take (one day) not only the mask is used, but sometimes the diaphragm is closed. This change differs >from take to take .... The picture is changing constantly .... Towards the end of the film the unmasked view is being shown for a short moment. Since the weather was changing throughout the time of shooting (March/April), the brightness of the picture is very different from take to take. Sometimes snow is seen on the ground. The change of the situation in the viewed portion of the landscape is taken in a static picture during 21 days. The exchange of the masks is noticed as movement, but not as a course of time towards some goal." - Birgit Hein, Film als Film, 1977

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