Divine Miracle, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Christ: John Taylor; Angels: Scott Martin; Sound: Rhys Chatham; Camera: Alan Grabelsky and Jose Sedano.

"An intriguing composite of what looks like animation and pageant-like live action is THE DIVINE MIRACLE, which treads a delicate line between reverence and spoof as it briefly portrays the agony, death and ascension of Christ in the vividly colored and heavily outlined style of Catholic devotional postcards, while tiny angels (consisting only of heads and wings) circle like slow mosquitoes about the central figure. Ms. Krumins tells me that no animation is involved, that the entire action was filmed in a studio, and that Christ, the angels and the background were combined in the printing. She also says it took her two years to produce it."
- Edgar Daniels, Filmmakers' Newsletter

Awards: First Place, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1973; Best Short Film, Bellevue Film Festival; Silver Hugo, Chicago Int'l Film Festival.

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