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A reel of two prints.

"His films exist outside the art-as-a-game scramble. Each of his films is what it IS - and TO perfection ... and WITH, yes, feeling: but of such a nature as to render 'sentiment' a hard word or else a word hard to use in relationship. There is NO sentimentality in his works such as would divide the emotional and intellectual responses to them. Each WORKS, as he did work to make each one an expression of his whole being at the time of making and, thus, no two of his films are in any way alike - each film being as distinct from every other as any moment of a man's life may be if he lives it fully ... which is to say: to perfection!

"And his works are sound films. Here, at last, is a film-maker's ear that creates in contrapuntal accord with his eye in the making. He achieves this, too, thru his sense of the perfect - so much so that if, for instance, ADEBAR is projected even one frame out of sync the whole track becomes exceptional 'background music' but in no sense the experience of his making ... and if the projectioning is perfectly synced (the distance between gate and sound-reader exactly 26 frames) the experience is an indescribably new one for any with eyes and ears to see/hear it." - Stan Brakhage

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