Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A reel of two prints.

My films give the greatest pleasure to those who know them by heart. All my films may be projected several times, in a row, but I would request you to project ADEBAR, SCHWECHATER and UNSERE AFRIKAREISE at least twice. ADEBAR and SCHWECHATER are available in reels containing the films twice and in reels containing the films five times.

Note: Reels containing the films five times available only from Film-Makers' Cooperative, NY.

"Peter Kubelka's films move with the rhapsody of precision. Nowhere else in cinema have I been so stuck to a sense of everything being just right; a unique pleasure to say the least. There are at present a multiplying number of films which use techniques similar to Kubelka's, and which attempt similar effects; but for all the experiment rampant now, his visions of absolute time transcend and show up all that is merely modern." - Ken Kelman

"The world he gives us is comprehensive and lucid ...." - P. Adams Sitney

"Kubelka's cinema is like a piece of crystal, or some other object of nature: it doesn't look like it was produced by man ...." - Jonas Mekas

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16mm film $30.00  

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