Remedial Reading Comprehension

Two kinds of material are used: 1) Material in the tradition of the "psycho-drama" or "personal film"; 2) Material of the sort used in industrial, educational, or advertising film. Questions are raised about the necessity of using acceptably "artistic" material to make a work of art, as well as about the relationships between "personal" and "impersonal" works.

"One of the ways that REMEDIAL READING COMPREHENSION works is in the degree of filmic distance which each image has in the film. Distance here refers to the degree of awareness on the part of the viewer that the image he is watching is a film image, rather than 'reality.' [Land's] film does not try to build up an illusion of reality, to combine the images together with the kind of spatial or rhythmic continuity that would suggest that one is watching 'real' people or objects. It works rather toward the opposite end, to make one aware of the unreality, the created and mechanical nature, of film." - Fred Camper, Film Culture