Rock n Roll Girls

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

ROCK N ROLL GIRLS! is both a musical disaster and a take-off on Marx Brothers absurdist comedies. Gags from Olsen & Johnson are also used.

The "Rayettes" are just about the worst girl group in New York but still spend all their time trying to get back-alley jobs in the club circuit. On the road to success, they meet an array of characters that help or hinder them: Smoothplay - a doo-wop DJ, Flywheel - a wheeler-dealer, and Angel Baby - a rival singer. Their goal is to make money to put on shows and pay the rent.

Using the Lower East Side of New York as a location, the film includes local celebrities from the by-gone days of the underground music circuit. It also keeps a flavor of old comedy by using outdated mattes and editing methods.

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