Raps and Chants, Part II

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

"RAPS AND CHANTS is also without the typical cataract of cuts. The first part is a man's monologue about a grueling LSD adventure (even the image is a washout), and the second is the portrait of a woman, gleefully milking cacophony from a tape recorder by rapidly playing with the buttons. It is an essay in the filmmaker's twofold aesthetic: the roughness and punch of experience remains without cosmetics, unsentimentalized, uninterpreted; instead, the material of its transmission, image, and sound, becomes the field of cathartic, nervous play, a wild Hasidic dance." - P. Adams Sitney, The Village Voice

"The filmmaker and collagist John Broderick tells (and sings) a story of a remarkable acid trip and the filmmaker, painter and collagist Caroline Avery laughingly plays a jazz tape recorder." - Marjorie Keller

Note: Both parts of RAPS AND CHANTS may be rented together for the special price of $50.

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