Metamorphosis in Logic

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Combining animation with live action, this is an absurd, dark, slightly comic portrayal of a man who feels stuck and wonders how he got there. While it borrows images from Kafka's Metamorphosis and from Jack Arnold's Incredible Shrinking Man, it is not an interpretation of either. This is a film about logic that feeds on itself. In developing its own peculiar logic, the film plays with narrative form. A METAMORPHOSIS IN LOGIC is the meditation of a man who can't decide whether he has gone too far or not far enough.

"... A METAMORPHOSIS IN LOGIC draws on codes of science fiction. The bald hero looks, simultaneously, like an extra-terrestrial and like a human victim of an atomic attack. A title questions whether certain strange occurrences are the result of an accident, radiation or some medical experiment. In its drama of an isolated, alienated hero (who is mysteriously reduced in size) the film seems an avant-garde mix of Nausea, Eraserhead and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."
- Lucy Fischer, Museum of Modern Art program notes

Awards: Humboldt Film Festival; American Film Festival; Three Rivers Arts Festival; Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Utah Short Film and Video Festival; Baltimore Independent Film and Videomakers' Competition; Bucks County Film Festival.

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