Suicide Squeeze, The

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"THE SUICIDE SQUEEZE is an adventurous and funny journey through the looking glass of filmmaking - from animation to film noir to documentary to avant-garde .... The film is about narrative, but the stories it tells are secondary, open-ended and primarily used as a strategy to engage the audience. The film makes active use of optical manipulation, including color xerox, optical printing, animation and high speed cinematography. This may be the best film the festival has ever screened."
- Bucks County Film Festival

"THE SUICIDE SQUEEZE is a sophisticated spoof, a wry and meaningful document of American culture, yet not so aesthetically arrogant as to take itself too seriously."
- Black Maria Film and Video Festival

"A fascinating case of narrative deconstruction, THE SUICIDE SQUEEZE is a '40s style whodunnit pressed through the wringer of an optical printer. If Robert Breer made detective movies, they might look something like this." - William Judson, Curator of Film and Video, Carnegie Museum of Art Awards: Red Ribbon, American Film Festival; Grand Prize, Black Maria Film and Video Festival; Atlanta Film and Video Festival; SF Int'l Film Festival; NY Filmmakers' Exposition; Grand Prize, Bucks County Film Festival; Santa Fe Film Expo; Three Rivers Arts Festival; Humboldt Film Festival; Onion City Film Festival.

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