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A diary film made during the six months I lived in southwestern Ohio at Bladderwort Farm, named for the only insectivorous plant native to North America. Here I play with light: pick it up and embrace it, throw it around, pierce it, and wiggle it. Joyce Wieland, Carolee Schneemann, Beverly Conrad, Nancy Rexroth and Tony Dallas appear.

"A fleeting, silent documentary that tumbles out of the projector, builds suspense, twists, folds in on itself, glides, smiles, then flies back into the projector. A subjective study of implosions, explosions and reflections of light, it grabs you by the lapel and sings." - Tony Dallas, Cinemanews

"Janis relates to us those psychic associations experienced as the individual explores her environment (universe) internally and externally. hush/moments pass/flapping and soft winged creature/prickly porcupine quills .... We are researchers into the interior of a film of mystery, activity, things, surfaces, light, and feelings." - Margaret Ahwesh, Field of Vision

Selected Screenings:
"An American History of 8mm Films: Big as Life," Museum of Modern Art, New York
Scratch Cinema, Paris
"Old & New Masters of Super-8," Anthology Film Archives, New York
Los Angeles Filmforum
"Small Gauge Diaries & Portraits," Artists' Television Access, San Francisco
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
Media Study/Buffalo
Brussels International Super-8 Festival
"Radical Light," San Francisco Cinémathèque

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