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"Lipzin's films have been a positive and often pervasive influence on her contemporaries. Her research into advanced film processes and technical invention grew from a distinctive personal vision of film. In these films a powerful visual coherence is developed through organizational elements of factoring, categorization, resemblance, and structural repetitions. Those forces of organization and energy patterns which seem to exist at the threshold of ordinary perception are explored in her films, which are formally rich, conceptually coherent and unexpectedly revealing of woven layers of kinetic and emotive intensity." - Carolee Schneemann

BUFFALOFILM: Sequential elements shot in Buffalo, New York and in Manitoba, Canada, on the buffalo reserve at Riding Mountain National Park.

"This work relates intelligently to the films of Bruce Baillie and Joyce Wieland but is in no sense 'derivative.'" - William Judson, Film Curator, Carnegie Museum of Art

Selected Screenings:
"Celebration of the Pioneers of Independent Film," Anthology Film Archive, New York
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
San Francisco Cinémathèque
Millennium Film Workshop, New York
Southwestern Alternate Media Project, El Paso
"Re-Visions: Independent Image Makers," Ohio State University
1st Juried Exhibition of Pennsylvania Women Artists, Carlow College, Pittsburgh

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