The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar (11.83 min version)

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Funded by the Louis B. Mayer Foundation.

Franz Mesmer's pseudo-scientific explanation for the forces of nature - mesmerism - forms the central motif of the Poe short story from which this film derives its title. Two strains dominate the film: one celebrates the mesmeric state induced by the random repetitive movements of a toy car with its flickering colored light and the second traces recollections of the humorous process of shooting the film. Oscillations between these two elements underscore the play between illusions of physical reality and altered perceptions. ... VALDEMAR is an uncut 400-foot camera roll with synchronous sound. "A simple and elegant film which despite its simplicity continues to intrigue with each viewing." - Carmen Vigil, Canyon Cinemanews

"Wickedly funny. Should be required to accompany TEXT OF LIGHT." - Keith Sanborn

Awards: Honorable Mention, Bellevue Film Festival, 1976; selected for exhibition in "100 Years of Experimental Film - Experimental Filmmakers USA," Beaubourg Museum, Paris

Selected Screenings:  
Museum of Modern Art, New York
"The Cool World: Film & Video in American 1950-2000 - The Unfixed Image 1970-2000," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
San Francisco Cinémathèque
Club 57, New York
Los Angeles Filmforum
Chinese Taipei Film Archive, Taiwan
Art Cinema OffOff, Belgium
Millennium Film Workshop, New York
Chicago Filmmakers

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