Right Eye/Left Eye

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RIGHT EYE/LEFT EYE was originally exhibited as part of a three-projector locational film installation in the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery's show "Light/Site/Projection." The installation reproduced the interior of a photographic darkroom which was viewed by spectators through a series of eye holes in a blackened window. Viewers activated the installation at will using a pushbutton switch mounted outside the window.

This single film component of the installation consists of a World War II Navy training film describing an early three-dimensional photo system called Vectographs. This film was re-edited and altered in printing by superimposing hand-processed color motion picture film over the original found footage. The original Navy film underwent such severe sabotage that its function changed from that of an instructional film to that of an anti-educational film. RIGHT EYE/LEFT EYE explores the narrow and often confounding boundary between the real and the depicted - two dimensional and three-dimensional components of all photographic processes.

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