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A film made up of various kinds of correspondence - pictorial, written, and audio tape "letters" sent to the filmmaker by Nancy Rexroth, Joe Gibbons, Carmen Vigil, David Robinson, Jane Dobson and others. The soundtrack is the dominant element and was constructed from excerpts from the tape correspondence of a contemporary woman photographer living in a small midwestern town. She describes the madness of her daily life in moods vacillating between delight and despair. Her experiences, while uniquely her own, function as a magnifier through which we all can see our own situations and strongly identify with hers. The title describes a delicate cranial operation performed in prehistoric cultures.

"TREPANATIONS reminds me of the thoughts one has at the moment of death - when you look back on your life and realize that's all it was made up of ...." - Nathaniel Dorsky

Selected Screenings:
Capp Street Project, San Francsico
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Chicago 8 Fest
Cal Arts
"Old and New Masters of Super-8," Anthology Film Archive, New York
San Francisco Cinémathèque

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