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Visible Inventory Nine: Pattern of Events

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Production assistant: Joel Singer. Funded by the Ohio Arts Council. A non-fiction narrative which relays the second thoughts of individuals meeting by accident in public places. The sound track was formed from tones which grow and change unpredictably - not single notes on a page. These sounds progress in patterns which make reference to a device used in dramatic films to suggest mounting tension.

"The viewing through magnifying lens and the voice-over narration of personals printed in the Village Voice Bulletin Board point directly to chance as the organizing principle of life. Yet people continuously thrown together by chance become obsessed with one moment, one image, one word, one person. 'I must see you again.' ... This film makes the barest glance reverberate with potential meaning." - Steve Anker and Gail Currey, The Last 80 Langton Street Catalogue

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Scratch Cinema, Paris; New Langton Arts, SF; Cork Film Festival, Ireland.

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